I have no time these last and next days, I’m going to Los Angeles next tuesday, the following week I go to Beijing and a month later back to LA. I probably won’t be coming back to Buenos Aires for at least one year and a half, so there’s a lot I have to do to leave things organized… its a mess!!

I’m going to miss many things from BA, mostly my family, my dogs and cats, and most of all my beautiful and lovely baby niece…

My dog Xinu. We both love shoes: I love to wear them and he loves to eat them!!
(here eating a sneaker by Krial)

With Xinu, me as a fake blonde.

My lovely niece Penny, looks like she’s ready to go shopping!!

I’ll be soon posting about some trends and streetstyle from Beijing and LA…

7 things about me

So I’m suposed to say 7 random things about me…

  1. I always wanted to be a rock star, and sometimes I feel like I am, but I really suck at singing or playing any instrument… Still, I believe I’ll go for it eventually…
  2. Since I was 9 and for many years even after high school, I was terribly shy and almost didn’t talk. It all started when at catholic schools, teachers and directors were always telling me that everything I said was wrong, and trying to shape me into the kind of girl they thought i should be. They kicked me out of the first 3 schools, just because my ideas were different. The headmistress of the last school actually said publicly that I was the devil.
  3. That being said, I’m like the oposite now, I say everything that is on my head, and it gets me in trouble sometimes, but I really prefer it this way!
  4. I’m famous for being a wild party girl, and for giving the best parties, like this article in Black Book, one of my favorite magazines, and this other in Time Out. Some years ago I got a big warehouse and turned it into my club and home… what can be better than waking up with people lying on the floor smelling of alcohol and who knows what… I’m definetely going to do this again, some other time, some other city…

    (Photo by Stefania Fumo)
  5. I’m a recovery shopaholic, that got me into too much trouble last year, and when I was watching Confessions of a Shopaholic for the 3rd time in a row, when I looked around at my Beijing apartment and realized how six months earlier I had arrived there with only one bag, and now I had so much clothes, shoes, furniture, magazines,  make up, paintings… I had bought 33 bags in a one month trip to Hong Kong… And then I saw that I had now idea how I was going to pay the credit cards, and I realized I really had to change.

    (Picture of my room in Beijing)

    So I know I’m suposed to say 7 things about me and this is just 5… but I think this is already too much information, isn’t it?


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Random pic of me, just to claim my blog on Bloglovin…
Taken by the cool brazilian photographer Tete Almeida, published by different media, like magazine TPM from Brazil (see article).
The outfit is by Rocco Barocco, and the painting is by  Victoria Musotto

Nominations – part 1

So, to take the award I have to nominate blogs I like… it´s going to be difficult, I like many blogs, and I have to check if they don´t already have the same award! I´ll try to do it now  while my cute little cat Chimi takes a nap on my pink netbook…

So the first 7 blogs now, and I’ll think of the rest later, in no particular order:

(Check the rules in my previous post)

The Versatile Blogger Award!!

Hi there, it’s my first award, I was nominated by the lovely nonfashionista, it makes me happy because her blog would have been one of my first choices, so thank you girl!!!

So first, here are the rules for the ’The Versatile Blogger Award’:

1. Add the award to your blog.

2. Thank the blogger who gave it to you. 

3. Mention 7 random things about yourself. 

4. List the rules.

5. Award to 15 or more bloggers.

Now it’s going to be really hard to nominate, because there are many blogs I like, but I’ll try doing it tomorrow, and seven random things about me it’s going to be hard too because I tend to be too honest and upfront, so I’ll just try to take it easy!!!

It’s a cold day in Buenos Aires, I really cant wait to go to sunny Los Angeles, probably by Beijing first where I still have some business to finish, but now I have to go, so I’ll start soon with my nominations!!

My Milano Style


These pics are from a few years ago, when I went to Milan to be part of the art fair Miart as a gallerist, the story was published by some press, you can check one article on this link (although it’s in spanish).

But more than the art, I was amazed to see the style of the women and men… all the fashion was amazing, and people are so elegant and confident, women are beautiful and men are so hot!! It’s too bad that most of my pictures from that time were lost when my notebook was stollen… so all I’ve got left is a few pics, but not enough to show some street style, so I just chose these about some styles I was wearing.

This was at the Cavalli bar, and the story behind it is: this guy is also a gallerist, and he went to the barman and said “give me the best drink you have”, and the barman just took a small glass and made him a gin tonic. Then I went to the same barman, playing sexy I smiled at him and said  “give me the best drink you have”, he took this huge glass and started mixing and shaking all kind of drinks to impress me…
My friend was laughing so much about it, he told it to everyone for days, and he actually tells it better…
So I guess the moral of this story is  girls always have more fun, unless the barman is gay..!!

Also at the Cavalli bar, I love that Versace bag… I was posing with my drink as a trophy!!

This was at the opening of the art fair. I love this outfit, I’ve had this leggings since the 80’s, there actually for skying, I think my mother got them at that time and never dared to wear them, but there perfect for me, I’ve always loved neon colors!!

There’s another story behind the shoes, I got them In New York and it was winter, so it was freezing!!! And I had a lot of layers, and like 3 pairs of socks, and it was a mess to take that all out to try the shoes, so I only tried one, it fit perfect and I bought them. But I didn’t wear the shoes until this time in Milan, when I realized the other shoe was from a different pair, like 2 sizes bigger!!! I wanted to kill myself, in the end I had to change to other shoes that didn’t look so good because it was too hard to walk… So I hope I learned this lesson!!!

This is a simpler look for the day. I used to love that skirt I got at a vintage store in NY, but it got ruined with white paint at a performance in London :-(
Actually that pink camera got ruined on the same performance, it blew on the air and crashed, with many of my stuff… Here’s a link to an article CNN wrote about that project I did in London, for Frieze Art Fair, and in the pic you can see I’m all covered in white paint…
I dont think I can learn this lesson though, when I’m having fun or doing some project I believe in, I forget about everything, so at that moment I dont care if my clothes get ruined, if I loose my bag, anything can happen and I just get carried away with the moment like there’s no tomorrow!!

Legendary Chaos:

I loooved this so much!!!!

Originally posted on 8milimiters:

Shoe Fleur by Michel Tcherevkoff

Whether you´re shoe-obsessed, fashion-foward, flower-powered or just an imaging aficionado. Shoe Fleur just may stimulate and inspire a few fantasies of your own.

A truly extraordinary book!

I don’t know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot. Marilyn Monroe

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My Buenos Aires Style


I miss so much my lovely Art Deco apartment in BA… so I’m sharing now some pics of it, although it was much more beautiful than my pics show!! But I like them because they show this broken heart couch that I designed, I absolutely adore it!!!!!

It appared in some media, like this pic taken by photgrapher German Adrasti, published in Diario Clarin (you can check it here)

And this other published as cover story in Diario Critica, (you can see the article here)

I loved this corner of my apartment!! with my plants and my shoes… it’s another view from the pic I posted at Love My Shoes

Butterflies in my shoes

Another girl at my APPETITE stand in Vilnius, I like her kind of hippie style, mostly the shoes and the huge bag…

Looks like instead of working I was just checking at people’s styles!! Dont worry, if I could run a gallery in Buenos Aires, one in New York, run an underground club, projects and art shows in NY, London, Milan, etc, plus party every night… I sure can multitask!!

The Heidi painting on the back is by Gonzalo Sojo.

Something I’d love to wear

This is so my style! Too bad I dont own any of this, but I’d love to wear it!!

Something I'd love to wear

Polyester shirt
$15 –

Mary Katrantzou zipper jacket
$3,430 –

AllSaints short skirt
$275 –

D&G platform pumps
$426 –

Clutch handbag

Dannijo skull earrings
$106 –

Helene Jewelry skull jewelry
$38 –

Beijing kids


Most kids in Beijing wear this kind of pants with a hole and no diapers or underwear. I think it’s because they don´t want to use diapers, may be economic reasons or just cultural, I should investigate more. But I find it kid of funny and kind of awkward… It’s very common to see kids using the streets as a public toilet, but my main concern is always: don’t they get cold???

Like this pic was taken in winter, no matter how many layers of clothes they wear, if they have a huge hole on their bottom, with cold wind blowing inside them… how can they keep they’re body warm? Plus they sit anywhere in the cold-dirty streets, like any normal kid…

One of the cultural differences I don’t think I can get used to!!!

I hope to get people’s thoughts on this!!

Chinese girl

Back to Beijing,;some friends told me this cute little girl dresses like me, and it´s totally true! I could be wearing this exact thing any day!

That billboard on the back was everywehere in Chaoyang District, this is right at the entrance of 798, the most famous Art Zone where I had my office.

Love My Bags – part 2


Part 2 of cataloguing my bags.

10 – Unknown – I got it in Beijing very cheap, and actually is one of my favorites.  It has a skull with dark strass. I’ll do close ups later.
11 – Guess
12 – Andolini
13 – Tous
14 – Prune
15 – Guess
16 – Andolini – I’ll add a good pic later because it’s a really pretty bag but in this pic looks like it sucks!
17 – Guess – I love the color and it’s great for jeans.
18 – Unknown – It’s a pity it doesn’t say the brand, I got it in New York and I really like it. You can’t tell by this pic, but it has sequels.
19 – Unknown – Lovely for the beach, the straps are made of wood.

Love My Bags – part 1


I just decided to put my bags in order, and as I do that I’m going to photograph them all and post them… At least the ones I have in Buenos Aires where I’m now, then when I go back to Beijing I’ll go on with the ones I have there.

This is part 1, I don’t know how long it’ll take me to do them all,  and I don’t know how many they are, all I know is no matter how many I have and will have, they will never be enough!!

I guess that’s one of the curses of being a woman, no matter what you do, you’ll always know you will never have enough shoes, bags, clothes and make up… You’ll always be missing of something when you need it, may be you have three red bags but you don’t have the right shade and size to go with some outfit. And you’ll always remember the ones that got away… Like something my mother always says: “The only regrets I have in my life are the things that I didn’t buy” – I hope it makes sense in english! her actual words are: “De lo unico que me arrepiento en la vida es de las cosas que no compre”.


  1. Dior
  2. Louis Vuitton
  3. Unknown
  4. Tous
  5. D&G
  6. Fendi
  7. Guess
  8. Nine West
  9. Guess

I’ll do some close ups later. Hope you like it!!

Neon pink shoes


Regia magazine cover – photos by Rudy Rojas
Check it online here:

The story is like this, I was in Sao Paulo, Brasil, working on an exhibition as an artist at the Latin American Memorial, invited by curator Nicholas Petrus… I was on a crowded bus going to see some museum, when outside the window I saw these neon pink shoes at a shop. It was love at first sight. I managed to get off the bus about 6 blocks past the shop, but I walked to it, got the beautiful shoes, and of course never got to the museum!!

Then there’s a story behind the dress… I was helping some friends from Proyecciones Fuera De La Común with the projection of the last Gaspar Noe film, Enter the Void, which btw I fully recommend, it’s amazing!!! and really trippy!!  With the group Articultores we were decorating the place (Konex) with this silver material, and I just improvised a dress for me with it. I stayed like that all night, and then had a lot of fun when later I went to some friends party Rocking Río with it. There Rudy Rojas, editor of Regia magazine, saw me and got the idea for the pics.

The photos were taken by Rudy Rojas, and the lovely Barbara Maldonado helped me with the production of the dress. The necklace is from Swarovski, the one that opens and has lipgloss inside… I love it!!

I got all the numbers of the magazine, except for this one that just came out and I hope to get soon!

Love my shoes


I just found this pic on some of my shoes, and made me think of how much I love them!! Too bad many shoes get lost along the way, because I travel a lot and I’m kind of a mess!! I still miss 14 pairs of shoes that I lost in New York, and a par of purple shoes I forgot at a plane.

Some of my favorites from this pic are the Dior at the 2nd shelf, by the yellow and black that are also my favs, and the ones on the other side that I got in Moscow, those are really much prettier than they look at this photo. I should also take a good picture wearing those short black boots, they are from Spain and they are gorgeous!!

These are from my closet in Buenos Aires. And the photo pinned at the wall is by the lovely Autumn Sonnischen, she’s a photographer for magazines like Playboy and Vogue, and I’m very happy that I met her in Sao Paulo, she’s a lot of fun and has amazing energy.

Back from Greece

I can’t tell how beautiful this girl was!! really, my pictures don’t make her any justice. She had a perfect tan that made her blue eyes and this cute blue dress really stand out, plus the neon pink nails, her hair style, she just couldn’t look better… Both looked amazing, I love the shirt on the guy, but the girl was just radiant!!

And what was more fun, I told them they looked like they just came from some Greek beach, and it turned out to be exactly like that!! therefore her smooth beautiful tan, and of course she also got that dress there.

The paintings on the back: by Sofia Bohtlingk on the left and by Fabio Risso on the right.


Another girl I met in Vilnius, Inga, she was working at the fair and everyday showed up with lovely colors.

I love the Chanel glasses, and the necklace on the floral dress.

Ugne and Kusama

At the Contemporary Art Centre in Vilnius for the Yayoi Kusama exhibition, with my friend Ugne.

In the first pic she’s with me, and I like that we have very different and opposite styles, she’s more serious, elegant and minimal, I’m all about colors and kind of wild, and I love to honor my latin roots… Here I wear a B-Rude tank shirt.

Ugne studies and works in art and culture, but I think she should be  a model. Last year she visited me in Beijing and the best was talking about fashion and style.